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Oh what a friend we have in Moses.

As Jack Dyer said one night on League Teams when Peter Tossol had been dropped from the Melbourne team "I think Tossol was a bit stiff to be left out"

I'm not sure I'll ever have the stomach to eat cheezels again. Or the balls, for that matter.

Good to see someone remembers one of the many Melbourne superstars of the eighties. Thumbs up for Michael Seddon, Len Gandini and Peter Thorne, too.

The balls, H?

What the devil is an "incomplete circumcision"? Am I wrong in thinking that it's either there or it ain't?

PS - Hello Tony, just back back from two months in India. You've been missed.

I'm guessing an incomplete circumcision is a schmozzle done by some schmuck in the first place.

Thanks, Sags. Why did you come back before the BIG! match? Don't you realise this is the tournament we've been wanting to win ever since ever. Although, when I think about it, two months is just barely long enough to see the qualifying games.

A goy boy like moy really has no idea, but I would have said an incomplete circumcision is a circumc even though Vindi could be onto something with his schmozzle on the nozzle.

So the Rabbi cut and run, did he?

I seem to recall that the Dame Edna definition of an incomplete circumcision was one that stops at the foreskin.

The Rabbi doesn't do the choppin, but the bloke who did obviously didn't give it The Moyl Treatment.

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