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It's from Saturday's Weekend Australian. If anyone manages to win a dictionary this week, I'll be very surprised.

You give up too easily Tony. The grid for the given clues is pretty easy to recreate if you think about it. Filling in for the clues for the existing grid needs a little guesswork though.

I've worked out the grid, but am stuck on the answer to 26 across. Looks like the answer is the name of a Queensland aboriginal language, or am I right off the mark. Help!

OK, I think I've solved it. It's a crossword, right?

Now that's a crossword worthy of being called "cryptic".

You know Tone, if you really, really want a dictionary, they're not that expensive these days.

Apparently there's an aboriginal language called pitta-pitta. They must have a very dull diet.

The utter fiendishment of this crossword has just dawned on me. Either that or I was just sucked in from the start by some evil prick who's name happened to start with Tony.

As you may have gathered I'm not really a crossword aficionado which is why it took me so long to realise I fell for it in the first place.

I think you swine are taking this a little lightly. It's a serious business to deprive a man of his cryptic.

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