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So who's going to apologise for this, this, or this (4th para down) ?

Of course, there's also this.

Deano is the wrong colour. If he had been, say, Wasim Akram....it wouldn't have been so bad.


(Pakistan & India) (Urdu گورا) Britishers. A white person, particularly from the colonial era. Literally means 'white'. Also can be used to identify a lighter skinned South Asian

Of course, this doesn't explain how he pissed off the Australian cricket hierarchy immediately prior to his being dropped from the national squad.

Well the beard's certainly worth an airstrike.

While a man's reach should exceed his grasp, there are immutable rules about facial hair. One of which is that if you do have grow a beard, it should be a full set and not that weird shrubbery he's sporting.

Shoot 'em all and let Gary Ablett sort it out.

how does Tony get away with his mail order bride "faux pas" and yet Deano gets the chop?

Different standards across networks or just a double standard?

The only way you get the flick at Nine is if you rate down the toilet, you diss channel Nine, you bag its product or you're Doug Mulray. Tone did none of those.

PS: Deano would still have his job if he'd called Amla Mr Baldy.

Shaun Pollock, The Ginger Terrorist as he is known around the tracks

Shaun Pollock, The Ginger Terrorist as he is known around the tracks

Russell Allen, The Wild Colonial Capitalist as he is known around the tracks.


Overheard in a Melbourne bar on Saturday night....

Deano : I've really come out of this a loser.
Demons : Us too....but we were accurate, though.
Deano : So was I, so was I...

Jones: Moron. Always has been. One of the few test cricketers to be dropped because of his personality. I was horrified the first time I saw his grinning mug doing a pitch report, furious when I discovered he was on SBS for the Ashes. Sometimes political correctness can be a force of good, rather than evil. I suggest we enjoy it while we can.

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