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'bandwidth' is one of those terms that evolved from the original usage. Back when network engineers used frequency modulation to send data within a specific band of frequencies, the bandwidth was an accurate term for how much you could send -- well before 1994. As date-transmission technologies changed it got carried over, but still referred to the data transfer rate on a connection. Now though, it has been adopted by companies who don't know better to refer to the total data transfer of a user, and has nothing to do with the connection size, or the frequency bands the line uses.

Not sure what typepad does. Most places increase the monthly fee for going over the usage limits, either at a penalty rate, or by calling you and putting you on the gold-plated expensive plan. Or they'll just cut you off.

A-ha. Superb stuff, Russ.

From now on I'm going to fill my car up with 'steam'.

I'm already on the gold-plated plan, so I might just send them an email asking what their prices are for increased bandwidth. Although, I hope I don't have to bother forking out.

bold prediction: you will start blogging about paypal donation buttons

I will not!

Not this week, anyway.

well that was a big fuckin waste of effort.

Yes, I agree. Well put.

you killed two birds with one stone with that one Tony (or two rabbits with one stubby where I come from)

Use shorter words and more abbrv.?

Ask commenters to keep it under 15 words when

That's the thing, really. You have to pitch things so you've got a core of regulars who keep it interesting, but not so many that you get a ridiculous bill at the end of the month / your site vanishes in a puff of logic.

Better be really, really boring for the next two weeks, just to be sure.

If you exceed your limit, the usual punishment is your website is replaced with a nice blank page reading "bandwidth limit exceeded".

You could always come over to the dark side, Tone. Gravett.org blogs have no bandwidth limit.

"Better be really, really boring for the next two weeks, just to be sure."

Okey-dokey, one GrogFlog about Ingmar Berman coming up shortly.

The counter ticks over at a fair rate of knots, but it's only us 'old familiars' that write in the comments box. I think some of the 'lurkers' could put their hands up and at least say hello or something.

That Gareth Parker now, I bet he's still lurking about. Keeps stum a lot though.

Lurking now. Oops, gave myself away!

Am not lurking Wicky. Why, I never read the AGB.

A-ha! Lurkers.

Knew that would flush them out!

"Flushing a lurker." Now there's a phrase that warrants greater prominence.

One of the downsides to high-fibre diets is unflushable lurkers.

I have no work to do today either, Tony.

Sorry, lurk a bit.

I also lurk at Yobbo's and Kev Gillet's.

I'm sorry.

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