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Should re-phrase 'any hole is a goal' to 'any air-whole is a goal'. I am sure there are certain people pay good money to witness their first night together. Don't think I will be able to watch Flipper in the same light ever again

On reflection, it's a sappy, stupid song.

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning, no-one you see, is smarter than he, and we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder, flying there-under, under the sea!

Married to the bottle-nose...

There are worse fates I imagine.

Fucking fish-digger.

Why would you marry it? I would eats it, it is a fish, it is like salmon.

People should feed their animals, not copulate with them.

Also, I am ridiculously good looking.

Hell, who are we to judge? Besides, if the crown prince can marry a horse...

Mao makes some compelling points.

I love cats, especially good looking and intelligent ones.

I now pronounce you Mrs & Mr Troy McClure....


* No I can't be fucked learning how to create an HTML link. If you're so fucking interested, cut and paste it you lazy Aussie fucks. Sitting on the beach all day, drinking piss, not bothering to cut and paste.

Having just spent a few days up at the Woodford Folk Festival, I think I met this woman.

How nice for her to presume that the dolphin wasn't saying no.

Ha Ha! Darlene went to a folk festival!

Supplementary Ha Has:

C-Bitch thought Forty Year Old Virgin was funny!

Boynton made a pun - accidentally on porpoise?

Mao is a cat!

Pat talks to cats!

Carna follows the Eagles!

It's OK about the HTML, James, we make allowances for Americans.

It's the thin edge of the wedge. Next thing you know, some guy will marry his Ford Territory.

Not likely. His television might have something to say about that.

Is this dolphin part of the bermb plot of the Cronulla Beach Banget movie 'DUNK' ?
Is the woman 'known to Terror groups' ? The marriage is merely so, as a 'wife', she cannot be forced to testify against the dolphin terror group.

Knowing that dolphin males are very aggressive and sexually dominating I hope things go well for this woman as it will be quite difficult to serve an AVO if the seas get a little rough.

The dolphin is very much a part of a nefarious plot. It wooed the lady like those Russian spies did back in the 60s.

Are there any Hebrew speakers here? I'm just wondering if Yediot Ahronot translates to Australasian Post, as I seem to recall a similar story (albeit involving a non-consensual act with a male human) in the august Australian journal several years back.

Maybe they pinched it from Carl Hiaasen's Skin Tight where Chemo "met" a dolphin.

It's alright to love the fish, just don't love the fish.

If you get the chance, find the episode of King of the Hill where Hank gets raped by a dolphin........Hilarious.

I normally hate that show, but there is something about a dolphin man-raping a Texan that just tickles the old funny bone*

* The bone in your elbow, not the other bone Mr.McClure.....

TONY T simian! It is not a bad thing that Pats, obviously of superiour intelligence, talks to higher species.

*ears pull back*

Wash your mouth out with cat-spittle.

Now Pats, in keeping with this postis, you can like me, but you must keeps it clean.

Unless you too are a cat...

Mao, did you know that Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia with his cat and, amongst other things, he also wrote a "biographical tribute" to him? No one thought anything odd about that. In fact they made and dedicated a statue of the cat.

I have a little canoe I take up the Nepean and was wondering if you would like to come along. There would be lots of fun and games and of course salmon. I could hide it and you would find it. I also have a little sailors outfit you could wear. Doesn't it sound like fun?

I would take some photos and dedicate my own little "book" to our day out on the river. What do you think my pretty feline friend?



We is a CAT, not a simian. Iss not naturals for you to be molestering us.

Although your adulation is entirely understood, I am a very good looking cat, I am!

Mr Taylor sir .. you mentioned Hiaasen so I have to say that in his 'Sick Puppy' anti-litter novel, one of the characters has a 32 year old wife. does that count fo the obsession? I mean she could have been 31, why
was it 32?

That's very much the same idea, Brownie, but I'd prefer to stick to just fillums and TV shows.

"What was the name of Matthew Flinder's cat?" was a jackpot question at trivia once. We didn't know the answer then, but we do now. Trim is etched in my brain.

And before anyone gets cute, not in a 48 Hours, Eddie Murphy kind of way.

See you at MoggBlogg and raises you 5, teacher man.

I worked for a Man named Sydney Tendler in Winchester, England 1962-63.
Is Sharon Tendler related to him ?
He owned two mens Clothes shops, named 'Sydney,s Man Shop'.
He also was a Comedian on the Radio and Shipping lines, went under the stage name of Eddie Swann !!

Dunno, Jack. Did he own an aquarium, too?

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