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1 Across is funny.

May I offer my heartfelt contrafibularities.

You may. Thank you for your compunctuousness.

How many friggin dictionaries does one man need? Have you got a very difficult christmas list to get through?

One can never have enough dic.


I also loooove dictionaries (so much so that when I was just filling in my addy on the form I started writing the addy as gavindictionary.com). The fave I have is a 2500+ page Webster's I have from the late 1950's. It is massive, but has a lot of character, including an inscription from when it was originally given as a gift.

And just a little aside:

I see you say you can never get enough dic ... tionaries.

Reminds me of a funny thing that happened on the weekend. My best mate calls me Dick (short for Dixon) and he was explaining to some new friends we had made, while 'tired and emotional', that "no one understood how much he loved Dick."


I can make one for you if you need it..

A, Aardvark ...

Bored now...

As I mentioned in the other post, Gav, a bloke can never have too many weighty lexica. Much better to look up something in some kind of beefy tome than muddle through the waffle and nonsense of the internets. My own favourite book is an English/Latin/English dictionary and phrasebook from MDCCXC handed down through the ancestral After Grog Bloggers.

Russ, first word in my dic (after all the explanations about a, alcoholics anonymous and the amateur athletic association) is Aachen. Balls to your aardvarks!

Pronouns in dictionaries is all levels of wrong. Like putting ketchup on a beef sandwich when horseradish is available or something...i guess.

It Luton is your friggin dictionary?

Sure is.

Luton (loo'tn), n. a town in England, in Bedfordshire, 131,538 (1961) Hole. Nearly as bad as Bedford.

A very good year, I might add. And the last bit is true. I've been there.

PS: Ketchup on most things is wrong.

Wow, that would be a good'n.

I agree that something you flick through is better than something you click through. But, I must say the interweb provided more assistance translating the roman numeral you offered - seems a diet of 80's TV shows and movies limits my understanding to MCMLXXX and above.

Aardvark: "Medium-sized insectivore with protruding nasal implement."

Dog: "Not a cat."

Forget dictionaries, you can never have enough Blackadder.

Gav: In English, MDCCXC is Piffteen exty cee. Simple really.

Paul: True, but stops dead at MCMXVIII.

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