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* THAT, or Rupert will come after me with a club.

Tony, I have never, and never will, be able to understand these cryptic crossword things. If you are feeling chivalrous though please explain the connection between "He's from the capital. Here, lacking a cook, Danny resides." and the answer "Sydney Sider"? Ok capital of NSW is Sydney but it could be any capital so how does the rest of the question prompt Sydney let alone Sider?

I see from your question that "Eddy Sine" is an anagram for Sydney but where does Sider come from?

For some reason cryptic crosswords make me feel angry. Please help.

Isn't "Infidelg" a place in SA?

Lovely handwriting T.T. You're wasted at Tafe.

27 Across, 9 Down may explain the lack of booty.

btw - if they're giving away an Oz Dictionary, could be that 5 Down should be with an S rather than a zee?

You know something, Pat, I can't work out how that particular clue works. Not entirely, anyway. "He's from the capital" fits for Sydneysider, but how the second part works is a right poser. If you "cook" "Danny resides" it is almost an anagram of Sydneysider, but not quite. The "Here, lacking a" is the not quite that has me fucked.

In my mock clue "Sir Eddy Syne" "comes out" to form an anagram of "sydneysider".

Carna: That's not a G, look at "Laughing Gas" for a comparison.

Russ: I can't help but dwell on that and think "Fuck me! He's right." About the Tafe bizzo, that is.

B: Cisco proliferation? How does that deprive me of booty? And it is definitely atomize. Atomise isn't even in my prezzent dictionary. Mind you, it izz 35 years old.

Oh, a prolifer of Cisco Kids.

err - think I meant 28 across...

You see - those proliferating Sydneysiders atomised my comment.

"Here, lacking a cook, Danny resides."

Try fudging the grammar: "Here, lacking 'a', cook 'Danny resides'"

In other words you remove the 'a' before "cooking" the phrase "Danny resides". Except that only gets you "Sydnne sider". Perhaps it was originally "Danyy resides" and got auto-corrected by Microsoft Word? I reckon you should set the cryptic crossword as an entrance exam for your students to remove the chaff. Then you wouldn't even need a final exam.

Clem's right, the clue doesn't work. The cunts who made that crossword would spell cryptic with two k's.

B: those proliffing S-Siders are a weird mob.

Clem & HB: I'm right with you both, the clue is a bust. I'd like to find out what the compiler's explanation is, but I dunno where to find one.

re: atomize. Atomise isn't even in' - The eternal Yank v King's English, Z v. S thing?

and it IS a Dannii Minogue, Siimon Reynolds sort of world these days.
Let's name the kid Dakota only we will be diffrent and spell it Dhakohda.
I never know what anything means anymore.

second anagram of herpes: shreep.
put shreep into Google and find it is a frequently used onamatopaeic description used by bird-call mavens; a funk band from San Fran; and the surname of some guy in the US Civil War; so you can think of that instead of sores, no?
3rd anagram of herpes is sherpe - a female sherpa.

I thought that Siimon Reynolds thing was a gag until I looked it up. (I take it you mean the motivational speaker, Brownie.) What a stupid name. Strangely, though, Dannii, I can handle. But she should change her last name to Shreep.

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