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That's Nabakov met him once; I have met nobody.

So, Fletcher, we meet again.

I swear I didn't nick your pineapple chunks Fletch.

Och, mon! Warren's got 'em.

Do you know that Porridge was called Doing TIme in America? Bloody Yanks!

'Ere Fletch! I haven't got 'em. Look, I've got a letter from the wife, can you read it to me?

Corrections Minister: What are you in for, Fletcher?
Fletcher: Got caught, didn't I?

I'm going to light four candles in his memory.

It was sad to hear on tonights news about the conortionist who was so depressed he tried to bend it all. Friends said he was depressed becuase he was finding it difficult to make ends meet.

I'll have four candles!!! What a moment of comedy genius.Last night on BBC News they just about summed him up in one line 'his comedy his outlook that he thought life in general was ridiculous.
Fletcher, they are all waiting for you!!!
Ronnie Barker RIP.

Sad to hear this. My parents were huge fans of "Porridge" (and the other stuff).

Elton John is planning to release a single in his honour. You've guessed it: Four Candles In The Wind.

Richard Beckinsale (Godber) is There already of course. May they bicker eternally & joyously.

Brownie, I'm just a tiny, teensy, weensy bit positive that is why Tony used God-Ber in the heading.

I did indeed, boyo. Extra snout for you.

Tony- whatever happened to Richard beckinsale ? I know of Samantha and kate Beckinsale but heard of the early demise of their hugely talented father and am shocked. He must have been a young bloke.

Says here he died in 1979 of a heart attack. Seems odd for a bloke who was only 31. I always though he'd died of a brain aneurism or blod clot or something like that.

Are brain aneurisms and blod clots the same thing?

Tony- i possess the answer.

An aneurysm results from a swelling of the wall of an artery, or vein, in the Brain.

A blood clot are clumps that result from coagulation of the blood-forms in a vessell or within the heart & stays there is known as a thrombus.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor

I want a second opinion.

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