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Farewell. Thanks for the memories.

The shark is well and truly jumped. Getting the Fremantle Football Club to officially comment on the Dockers Hoff parody was probably the high point. It's got to be downhill from there.

PS: Rove should watch an Eddie McGuire vested-interest rant on the Footy Show to learn how to do an actually funny monologue.

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Rove's face appears in the dictionary next to the phrase 'unfunny monologue'

I couldn't agree more. In fact I was thinking the same thing after my work inbox was flooded with over TEN hoof jokes in one day. I just dont find it funny...

So long, and thanks for all the hoff.

You have to give the guy credit, though... it takes a (desperate?) man to give his time and poses so generously, and as far as I know he's not rejected a single photo shoot offer.

I don't believe this is the last we'll see of the Hoff. You won't be able to resist his leathery charms for long.

P.S. Chris Fryer, you missed a "Hoff-topic" pun back there. Shame on you.

Tony, Hoff is like a drug to you. You cannot escape him without experiencing withdrawal symtoms mate. Withdrawing from what, i'm not certain, but the temptation will alway's be there and i'm not sure you can resist him. From using him on your site i mean. Good luck.

Wonder what McGyver is up to?

Clever bloke, that McGyver. Always solved his mysteries using his brain, rather than his brawn. But he has no capacity for becoming a cult figure.

But.....George Peppard is another story.

How about his erstwhile offsider? Mr T.

I pity the fool who doesn't like ... he.

See, it's started already.

You can never go too far with eighties TV cheese, CB. Keep up the good work, everyone. "You've all done very well."

You know who people should be bringing back?


I occasionally have the misfortune of watching bits of that show. Like his opening "funny monologue" on H-plate drivers last night. Good grief it was awful. Not only not-funny, but the twit was stumbling over his words the whole time.

Anyway, considering the little tool is (or was) #1 ticket holder for the Freo Dockers, did he show the Freo Dockers / Hoff photoshop jobby? Did anyone see Freo Dockers Hoff?

If he didn't, I want someone's head on a platter.

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