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At least it means you hgaven't taken much notice of the whole fee-asco. That is good.

Shlemazel n
These are the poor souls who are victims of shlemiels; the ones always having the soup spilled on them.
Shlemiel n
All shlemiels are klutzes but are rarely loved because the victims of their "klutziness" are generally innocent bystanders. A true shlemiel is a waiter who invariably spills soup on his clients.
Anything cheap or inferior; junk, trash. A schlockmeister is someone who deals in shoddy goods.
Shlump n
A person who is stupid, foolish, inept, boring and/or poorly dressed.
Shlumper n
A lost soul. The shlumper always wears mismatched socks, a sweater two or more sizes too large, a shirt that is never quite clean and slacks that look as if they were last pressed a year ago.
Shmaltz n or adj
Usually, rendered chicken fat used in recipes such as matzah balls. Also means something overly sentimental as in a schmaltzy movie or schmaltzy music.
Shmatta (middle "a" pronounced "ah") n
A rag or something equivalent. "What, you want to wear that old shmatta?"
To smear. More commonly used to refer to an activity with all its related features as in "the whole shmear."
Shmendrik n
Someone who should have known better. A person who thinks a shlumper can be reformed (it's impossible) is a shmendrik.
A shortened version of schmuck; not quite as derogatory.

Well, whaddaya know, FX. I was just at your site reading that music thingo. It's a small, yet mysterious, world.

Excellent work on the schreed, by the way. I would have included one of my favourite words; schlepp.

Schappelle schlepped her schit to school.

Or something like that.

Well that's a bit disappointing. I came here hoping for some more photos of my favourite water-action-hero, and ended up getting educated in the comments section.

Anony, have a look at the links in the comments of the post below. The Jailhouse Shlock one, that is.

You guys don't know Jack Schmidt.

Tony T - Its a fuckin huge mysterious world from where I sit

I once ran a radio show for a few years called "The Schlock Show" as a schlockmeister. Thats how I know this stuff. I could transcribe the taps to MP3 for you.

Transcribe the taps, FX? Is that shockmeister jargon? Did you say things like "Comin outta the break we got Boney-M comin at ya!"

na na na. It was a bit like my blog with music (often live guests playing and interviewing) and cooking recipes and discussions and links about music and life and friends in low places. Only the sneer, smirk, snark and snigger came across better than blogging.

FX, don't you mean schneer, schmirk, schnark and schnigger?

Sounds like a good show, though. Wish I'd heard it. Or maybe I have. What was it called? And where was it at?

If you simply add the words "nude" and "pics" to your Schapelle entries, traffic to your site will grow exponentially overnight. There are some desperate bogans out there.

ps/- I think I DID just add those words for you.

Thanks, Grodsy. I can always do with the hits.

My most consistent hit-magnet is this. Classy, no.

That's what I love about Google...utter randomness to it all. It doesn't even bother looking for sequences. My site rates No 1 if you type in 'sandra sully nude fight with naomi robson'

Tony T, xan I just ask how many people have found your site based on your number one hit-magnet?

sandra sully nude fight with naomi robson

Err ... that was me.

I get about three hits a day looking for BW. Sick fuckers!

Top this: Head for story on python in Cairns dropping out of tree to crush and devour wallaby -- (Bear in mind, head must fit laid-out space)

And for story about shooting movie outside Geelong despite star Nicholas Cage not being there:
UnCaged in a
tale of Anakie

Slatts - you shot what in the who now?

Best ever headline in newspaper goes to glory rag The Sun in the UK.
When Non-League, Caledonian Thistle (i think) beat League Champions, Celtic in the 1st Round of the Scottish Cup...

Super Cali Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious

(for anyone who doesn't get it - think of a song by Mary Poppins)

Midnight Eschpress

Midnight Eschpress

I don't get it.

Sorry, schould have linked it.

No, I know the fillum, but I still don't get it; The "Esch" bit, that is.

Try running it through a Bogan-to-English translator.

"Top this: Head for story on python in Cairns dropping out of tree to crush and devour wallaby..."

Speaking of a witty "head" for story":


Ha ha I told you it would happen. Noone will see your comment Far Car. Noooooooooooooone. It's a recent komment but it doesn't appear it the recent komments section and coz it's an old post noone will ever see it. Noooooooooooooone! Ha ha ha!!!

Now please get back to work young grasshopper.

You're right, Saul. It was no good so I changed it back.

It won't fuckin' work the way I want it.

Thanks Big Tone. I feel happy, yet embarrassed at my grumpiness, all at the same time. But I must not be weak in front of the Far Car. Little grasshopper.

(It's just that I like to see which convos are hot or not. And I especially like it when some automated spam device makes a comment on a post that's 18 months old and brings it back up to the top. Top fun reminiscing, that.)

"Dancing in the dark, walking in the park, and reminiscing."

Sing it you bastards!!!!

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