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Burtocci all the way.

I'm slowly coming around to your point of view. Maybe you have got to love the Hoff - he's certainly not afraid to take the piss out of himself, always a useful attribute in a celebrity. Though I saw 'Knight Rider' again the other day, and I have to say time has not been kind to that programme.

I'd be interested to hear anybody try and defend it. I believe it is beyond defence.

I'm not some big Hoff groupy, Steve, but I like his sense of self-piss-take. He's a bit of a publicity tart, though, but in a likeable way.

By the way, there are way too many dodgy pictures out there, a slab of overkill even, but among all the rubbish there is the odd nugget.

And Knightrider really is trash, but there are TWO cars that talk. Not one! But two! How many shows can boast that? And one is evil! I mean, many a crap show since could benefit from TWO talking cars. Imagine The A-Team with Kitt AND Karr. Phew!

Come to think of it, my two favourite shows when I was growing up were Knightrider and the A-Team. To a kid growing up in the 80's they were absolute gold.

But that was then, this is now...

P.S - I even had KITT and Mr.T's van as toys. Ahh, those were the days.

Jealous, I am, Adsy.

Did you cover them in petrol, set them alight and roll them down a Hot Wheels track?

The Hoff's British, you know. At least he is when he plays cricket.

I remember seeing KITT in person when they opened the first Blockbuster Video in my area in the late eighties. He didn't talk but he did make that sound (I wouldn't know how to type it - I've tried) from red laser thingy on the hood. Also the Turbo Boost button that made KITT jump cars, trains and canyons also didn't work. Disappoinment.

Make your own paper plane with the great man, www.knight-foundation.com/hoffplane.html

He transferred over, HB. To the good guys.

You know, Russ, Kitt was auctioned on E-bay last year. Dunno what it took, but it was certainly the real thing.

Nubie, I'm, like, soooo up with that.

Hasselhoff kinda LOOKS like a cricketer. He has the build of a Hayden. But i guess cricket is a mystery to him- the yanks hate the idea of a draw spread out over 5 days. Hard to understand these Americans.

The bloody Poms have just demolished the Banglas again. COLLINGWOOD again !!!! But i'm still not getting worried.

Viz Americans, the true marvel of cricket is that it goes on for five days, incorporating meal breaks and snack times, and is still more exciting than baseball.

The Americans are fools for not just accepting that there is nothing that quite compares with the white-knuckle tension of the last day of a tight test match.

PS: Viz Americans? I'm thinking VERY Fat Slags.

Check out the Hoff's latest musical offering:


He's hooked on a feeling....

Top shit, James! That's excellent. Oogah chakka, indeed.

The iceman singeth. And eateth a salmon.

Fair enough, but why is he wearing canary yellow ?

Can't answer that one, Mike. Maybe he's concerned about poisonous methane.

On the whole, though, it's a pretty lame colour, I've never been a big fan. The Yarpies have it, too. But it's better by far than the Windies WSC pink or the Kiwi's poohy brown affair.

No, no, no, you're supposed to get all outraged a la the 12th man.....

"That's Ozzy gold mate, and don't you fucking forget it."

It just occurred to me that a million Hasselhoffs typing randomly at a million typewriters for a million years would eventually come up with the script of "Baywatch".

Have i missed something ? Did Baywatch actually contain a script ??

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