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Teejay = The Business!

Oh you!

Yes. Me.

What? You're doing Big Fucking Broth... oh, it's The Hoff. That's OK then. As you were.

Big Brother and, in fact, reality TV in general, is disgusting crap and the only way I would ever cover it would be to take the piss. Like when your BB had a punch-on last year. There should be more of that. The show really bites! Awful, noxious rubbish!

Unlike Davey-boy, of course. Baywatch and Knightrider, now that's all class. As is The Hoff.

Has that bald Michael got a ring in his snout? He has you know. Cunt! Bald cunt!

Yes. Facial metalic garnishing sins must be severely punished. I really do think I hate him.

Thanks for the ID chart Tony.
I'm trying to get a root out of the barmaid at my waterhole, and she keeps on blathereing about BB which I am physically unable to watch (retch inducing).
Armed with the chart, I can offer her insights that seem deep and interesting to the bimbo at the waterhole, and thereby succeed in my mission of underpants exploration.

Another public service. Take an OA next Aussie day.

I had a "debate" with my students the other day, Pedro, about BB. They asked me whether I watched it and I told them that anyone who did was a moron. They, of course, all watch it. The asked me the tired old one about "how did I know it was crap if I didn't watch it?" and I just said I only needed to see the ads to know it is fuck. What an appalling load of old shit.

Nevertheless, glad to have been of service.

You know, I went to see the John Waters sex comedy 'A Dirty Shame' yesterday, and he turned up in that too. Is there no way to get away from him?

He was in the 'Spongebob Squarepants Movie' too. He's taking over. And I, for one, am very disturbed.

Waters has always recognised talent. Tracy Lords, Ricky Lake and the egg-lady to name few. But I'm surpised he didn't go to the H-Man sooner. Now that's real talent, there.

A friend of mine is in an obscure local band that managed to get their music used as background music in last year's "Big Brother". However as he found the program unwatchable, he was unable to enjoy hearing his music on TV or confirm that they actually even used it. I think this review says it all.

I have read about retards who sit entranced happily playing with string for hours on end, or heroin addicts staring at their shoes all day, but watching this program is about ten levels beneath that. Lord help us.

In. A. Nutshell.

Did you see The Hoff in the finale of American Idol?


There was this mildly retarted kid who sang "I'll be there" (theme from Baywatch) as his audition song.

At the finale the kid was in the audience and there was an empty chair next to him. When the spotlight was shone on him, guess who made a grand entrance.......

That's right The Hoff in all his glory. Revelling in the limelight.

Classic stuff.

The Hoff. A true hero. That entry would have been massive. If I ever get a chance to see that (even though I loathe the Idol business) I WILL watch it. Well, that particular bit, anyway.

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