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She has brought shame upon Allah!

I've been calling for a show like that for years. Not just "bloopers" (i.e a dog pissing on Graham Kennedy's floor) but action footage of people yelling at each other, Doug Mulray's show getting yanked off the air and Ray Hadley going spare on radio. Not to mention lawyer worrying talk about Don Lane, Ernie Sigley and Coffee Tables.

Shit... Did I put the curse on Graham Kennedy by posting that? Oops.

Just shows how dependant these clothes-horses are on autocues- you'd think for the dough they're paid they would read and memorise the script in case there is an equipment failure, and so they know what they're supposed to be yammering about. I don't know why the networks don't dump these expensive, petulant deadshits, and replace them with a Max Headroom-style CGI talking head; no-one would notice.


I dunno if they make 'em any more, but I had the pleasure of knowing someone who owned a series of "Xmas Tapes" compiled onto one VHS cassette. According to him, the tape operators at the TV station (Channel 7, from memory) would make a fun tape of out takes etc for the staff each Xmas.

It would contain such laffs as reporters chucking their guts up from being seasick, TV celebrities having nasty accidents, current affairs personalities sitting in a car rawkusly leering at women’s breasts, drunk TV stars with a stripper etc.

In one particularly memorable scene, a fella by the name of Norm Lipson was "going spare" at someone - a reporter from a rival station I think. For a weedy, middle aged bloke he sure had a bit of bark in him. Lines like "Mate, when I hit ya, I’m gonna kill ya", "Come over here mate and I’ll knock ya down" are permanently etched into my brain.

Sadly, his half sister taped accidentally taped over all 3 hours worth, otherwise I'd gladly forward you a copy.

ps: A Google search for Norm Lipson shows he is either currently or recently involved with the Rabbitohs.

pps: Yes, we all wanted to kill her.

ppps: My mate's half sister, not Norm Lipson's half sister.

Didn't Naomi Robson lash Rove for swearing? Sanctimonious bag. Hoist on her own f------ petard!

I hope you're not being serious.

Did she lash Rove for swearing off air? Like how someone leaked a tape of her swearing off air?

If she didn’t lash Rove for swearing off air then what the hell is everyone talking about? I think this is the third time I’ve heard the Rove comparison in this situation.

And despite what Ferombah said on another forum – yes, she does look a bit like The Joker from Batman – I would sooo give her a good seeing-to as a stream of filth poured from her lovely mouth.

Adam 1.0 with his soothsayer powers predicted Graham Kennedy's death. He's a witch!! BURN HIM!

You can get the file here

Welcome strangers.

First page Google! Who knew that we were the only people in the world reporting this story and so many people were looking for the story. Funny...I've had a few people looking for Sandra Sully Nude, Schapelle Corby Nude and more worryingly, Anthony Callea nude...

Anthony Callea nude? That was Molly Meldrum.

Couldn't be Molly - he'd just have to look on his chaise-longe and a fresh faced young midget would be there waiting to sing on the mic.

Doing Molly a favour, no doubt.

Doing some plot development for a new series soon to premiere on Seven: 'Mumbling, Old & Useless - My view from the casting couch'. At the special time of 3am, just before the evangelists but after the Winsor Pilates infomercial.

'Mumbling, Old & Useless - My view from the casting couch'

Beautiful. As introduced by Peter Andre.

I say bring back Danny Bonaduce and Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory sessions. Follow that up with Harry Lorraine's Mind Power and finish with the fat chef and his cement cutting super knife.

Bring Molly on

Normie Lipson, aka the Angry Ant, is a legend in sydney journo circles. He was fired from the Sun-Herald when the editor overheard him telling the NRMA PR man on the phone that he was going to come over and kick his head. Then Norm made the same promise to the editor, who wanted him to ring back the flack and say sorry

At the Telegraph, he once threatened some big bloke, who picked him bodily and hung him by his leather jacket from a clothes hook on the wall.

But the best Normie story, which is true, has him driving through the Cross and spying through the open door of a bar some bloke who'd rubbed him the wrong way a couple of weeks earlier. So he leaves his car in traffic, walks in, taps the bloke on the shoulder, king hits him, then goes back and sits in the traffic jam again.

He can be quite a decent bloke. But when riled, which he is a lot of the time, best to avoid.....

Now that IS a story! I'd prefer to see him in those ACA foot-in-the-door type stories. Rather than confronting some poor shluband insinuating all sorts of nonsense and looking all faux-concerned, Norm could walk right up, call them a cunt and smack them in the teeth. Much more entertaining.

I agree. Normie can be 'The Equaliser'. Take him out to West Sydney. A bottle of scotch later he could sort the whole place out. Have a live feed into ACA, with Raymondo cutting back to the action, whenever there's been another fatality. Entertainment Robocop-style...

There is another piece of TV gold happening right this very second....

The Schapelle Corby verdict live on Channel 9. The entire thing without an interpreter. HELLO!!

4 hours of glorious, incomprehensible television.

Thanks, Old Newshound! That explains a lot.

"I agree. Normie can be 'The Equaliser'. Take him out to West Sydney. A bottle of scotch later he could sort the whole place out."

Russell, are you familiar with the crime fighting superhero from Viz magazine called "The Brown Bottle"?

I know Roger Mellie and his profanisaurus, The Fat Slags and Billy The Fish but not aware of the The Brown Bottle.

Roger Mellie, the man on the telly; worth the odd chuckle. Viz used to be funny. Is it still funny? Haven't read it for yonks and I keep hearing how lame it is these days.

Shappy got 20 years, did she? Well, there's two decades of news coverage accounted for.

great blog

ive done a 'remix' of Ms robson
at http://scanaustralia.com.au/index.php
(you need to join but its easy to do


Brown Bottle was a super hero. Superman used to go to change into a costume…… whereas Brown Bottle used to change into a costume AND drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol in a short space of time.

His battle mode was profanity-riddled drunken bravado. "I'll fugn havyuz, ya fugn cahns!" He had an arch enemy called Cider Woman, a similarly drunk and disorderly profanity shouter.

Considering he was SUCH A CHAMP, I'm surprised he hardly has a presence on the 'net. This is about the only pic I could find.


I have a bloopers tape believed to be the only one in existance,it was shown at the Channel Seven Christmas party in 1979,it contains over 90 minutes of swearing,mistakes,bloopers and has reporters,politicians,newsreaders,prime ministers,actors,nudity,set ups,jokes etc...very rare...

Not exactly on-topic, but I noticed on the weekend that Ch10 was using footage of Michelle Leslie's tryout for "Search for a Supermodel" in news reports on her Bali drugs bust. The Ford agency was fairly prominently featured on her t-shirt, which they must be deadset thrilled about.

Imagine how much of this raw footage must be sloshing about out there, ready to resurface when these youngsters least expect it.

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