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By the way. Thanks, TJ. Do you realise Hippos kill more people than Tigers? Richmond should change their name.

Where is the Hungry Hungry Hippos reference?

You've got to click the picture, Mr Jump-In-Quick.

OK, then. It's 2:14; time for work.

Did you know a group of Hippopotami is called a bloat?


You fools!

How come collective nouns don't show up in Dictionary?

Parliament? No.

Crash? No.

Murder? Yes.

A chain of Bobolinks? Good grief!

What's the Hoffmeister doing froliccing in the water with Phillip Adams, Joan Kirner and Amanda Vanstone?

He's never been fussy about who he mixes with. Once you've had a talking car as a best mate everything else is much of a muchness.

everything else is much of a muchness.

Is "a much of muchness" a collective noun or is it just me?

No, Jorgen. ME is a collective noun for YOU.

Collectively, MUCH-OF-MUCHNESSES come in MEDIOCRES. As in "Peter went to the zoo and saw the parliament of owls, but missed the mediocre of much-of-muchnesses".

Don't ask why, and yes, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it's just one of those things.

By the way, Peter didn't mind that he missed the M-O-Ms, they weren't up-to-much.

What a stupid game. It must have been made to test Steven Hawkings mouth-pencil dexterity.

Apparently he balances HBs on his tongue.

As an HB, I can verify that.

As a TT I'm appalled.

>No, Jorgen. ME is a collective noun for YOU.

Ah, assuming that the "you" seen from your side becomes an "I" seen from my side, then the collective noun of a group of "I"'s is a "me"?

And the collective noun for a group of MES is a MINE. Or is that the possessive noun? I often have trouble with these things.

What is the colective noun for agroup of Hoffs ?

A ponce of Hoffs ?
A kit of Hoffs ?

Sorry, just asking for information.

More likely a Kitt. Or a cheese.

A hoof of hoffs? A huff?

It's a hoof of Devons.

Mate, i reckon, and i mean seriously reckon, that you enter into some kind of therapy to help you understand why you find such a z grade non celebrity so fascinating. Unless you are winding us all up big time of course.

In that picco Hoff appears to be unable to breath- his mouth is underwater- does he have to come up for air ? And NEVER get between water and a thirsty Hippo- i'd rather face a Croc.

Hoff is better than z grade Bretty boy. Y at the very least. Bet your car can't talk......

Brett, I'm with Nubie. You've got to rid yourself of your fixation with our fixation.

And buy a talking car.

I believe in letting no bad pun go, um, unpunished. So take this Tony T.

Bartender: Good to see you back, Mr Hasselhoff. The usual?
The Hoff: Hey I told you, just call me "the Hoff".
Bartender: Sure Dave, no hassle!


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