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Believe it or not, this exceptional imagery comes courtesy of ex-blogger Gareth Parker who writes "As of last Monday I am the new local government reporter. Council meetings, egos, planning applications, I've got it all!"

He goes on to add "Your's is the only blog I read. It is great. No, really, I mean it. Everyone here at The West Australian reads it. In fact, it is our publishing template. We have modelled our newspaper on your blog."

Well, he didn't really add that. But I know he wanted to.

Gareth was a good egg, and blogdom was the loser when he went mainstream. But I spose he had bills to pay. Idealism mugged by reality again.

Now journalism is being mugged by Gareth.

Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk.

Council meetings, egos, planning applications, I've got it all!

What, he's filing a planning application for his ego at the council meeting?

Only for the renovations. He wants to add a story. In shorthand.

In case you don't subscribe to Popbitch (and why should you?), here's this week's joke:

The Hoff walks into a bar and says to the barman, "I want you to call me Mr Hoff".

And the barman replies, "Sure, no hassle."

So bad it's good. Just like so many of the classic gags.

PS: Is Popbitch that rumour/gossip site?

Ah, the Hoff. In a plane. That's about to crash. How can you of all people advertise something like that?

Certain design variations -- a paper-clip on the nose, blue-tack on each wing-tip and sticky-tape along the fin -- make this the Plane of Perpetual Flight.

NASA has been chasing it for years, but I've got the jump.

Thank you, I've been desperately looking for something interesting to do at work... I'll be trying it out this afternoon.

You know, Anne, it can be used to transport small fruits across a dinner table. Very convenient. Diners should wear safety glasses, though.

Here it is in Word. Download it, print it out, and the room's your oyster.

Ace! merci beaucoup.

Isn't there a French words for 'ace", Anne?


I find this Hoff obsession equally fascinating and repulsive. I've sent you an email with some great Hoff pictures. I particularly like the nude one with a puppy covering his privates.

Did you know he's putting out a rap song under the title: Hassle The Hoff?

Can't wait.

Repulsinating, perhaps.

He should just change the words to this song. But because he destroyed communism by himself, he can do whatever he likes.

I hate that song. Dont refer to it again please.

I won't.

Hey! Do it! Everybody! Everybody!


Less... more letters, you know...

I particularly like the nude one with a puppy covering his privates


No true Sandgroper digests the West Australian and it's peculiar brand of politics and bulldust- only the sport section. I have a recurring dream of Hasselhoff being involved in a private plane crash in the States- you know the type- trying to take off in fog or lurching into an ice cold lake a la Otis Redding. But i scan the newspapers (NOT the WA) and discover he is still amongst us. Oh well , there's always hope. His career took a rapid nosedive anyway- some say it barely took off.

No! You didn't just post this!

No. I didn't just post this. Why, Addy? Am I missing something? It wouldn't be the first time, you know.

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