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A long way, Michael.

My sandwich is splattered all over my keyboard. I blame the picture AND comment.

Well, that's messy. I hear Coke is great for cleaning keyboards.

PS: This may be a stupid question, Anne, but did you happen to hover over the picture and spot the tool-tip?

I'm about to blow my street cred: what's a tool-tip? All I get is the info bubble, is that it? Or is it the top of his head you're talking about? (well, he is a tool, right?)

That's right, Anne. The info bubble. The thing that shows up when you hover over the picture.

Hoffy's not a tool, by the way, he's the unofficial his blog. Unofficial in that I haven't actually asked him. But I'm sure he'd approve of the honour.

All us paddies know:

"It's a LONG way to Tipperary"

Do you think KITT is a paddy, FX? He knew.

Top work, fella. I've emailed it to all and sundry and passed it off as my own. Bejaysus!

Hung, does that include those south London gangster mates of yours. This is an honest blog, you understand.

Holden FX, get the paaist candlewax out of yer ears. The song actually goes like this, as my ancestors at the Somme, Jutland and Wipers used to sing,

"It's the wrong way to tickle Mary - when this part of me is not in her."

Then the song gets really dirty. And that's just the Brit Army one. The RN version would shut down the internet. And, as delivered by my pissed WW2 elderly relatives (who heard it from their Great War relatives) you have to end the X-rated version of "Tipperary" by shouting as loud as you can, the BEF warcry from the Great War trenches: "Marmalade!"

It confused the Hun too.

For "paaist" read "papist".

For "sausage", read "hostage".

Confused me, too. What sausage?

Tony, hope you've sunk some of the old brown stuff, by which i mean Guiness. Surely your surname hints at an Irish Lineage ? To Be Sure. Alot of people in Perth claim to be of Irish descendency on Saint Paddy day.

No beer for me, you evil sinner.

Is there anything the 'Hoff' can't get away with- who would have thought a Leprechaun's hat worn with a mohair singlet would look so HOT?

Why would they remake 'Knight Rider' though? A tenner says 'The Equaliser' will be the next God-awful steaming pile of shit rehashed on to the big screen.

He's the great man, Errol. There is nothing he can't do.

They're remaking The A-Team, too, you know.

Brilliant, Tone. This is your best Hoff season's greeting to date. How many more of these do you have up your sleeve? More importantly, did you actually get the Hoff round to your place in the 1980s to pose semi-naked for these shots?

I know people who know people, Caz. But only important people. Very important, in Hoffy's case.

Ahhh, so, I've found you again, KITT. You can't run forever.

You mean evil McSinner Tony.

I sincerely hope the A-Team is NOT remade- Peppard is irreplaceable and i'm pretty damn sure he's dead.I'd love it if this plan does NOT come together.

They are going to remake it, but apparently it's going to be toughened up.


Jim Carrey as 'Howling Mad' Murdoch ? Lou Ferrigno as 'Mr T' ? How about our PM Howard as the Peppard character. And face ? Why, the same acor of course, hasn't aged a day!!

I'm gettin' a bit worried by this Hasselhof fascination you seem to have. Is he a cult hero of yours ? Are you on a wind up ? I think he's a bloody fool myself.

I think he's a bloody fool myself.

Good god, man! That will be enough of that talk, please.

Do you think KITT is a paddy, FX?

Well, rumour has it his grandfather was a paddy wagon...

Boom. Tish.

Excellent work, James.

That picture makes one long for repeat screenings of Baywatch.

Sigh! David, David, David. That's kind of like Yobbo's Girl Friday only for the ladies.

Thanks Tony.

We aim to please, Darlene.

You know, Baywatch had one of the best ever lines in TV. It did. Really.

Happpy St. Patricks's day, Tony.
No-irony version greeting.

Thanks, SM, and an irony-less thanks back at you.

I trust you didn't go inhaling green beer; or I trust you did. Whichever you think suitable, you understand.

Not sure what the colour is. Beer + Whisky makes it difficult to focus. Now I gotta go make a fool of myself, you understan' ...
Cheers !

Now I gotta go make a fool of myself ...

Glad to see you've got your short-term goals identified, SM; all the best with your endeavours, then. Indeed, have a half-dozen or so to make up for me.

You know, Baywatch had one of the best ever lines in TV. It did. Really.
I'll take that bait. What line, clothing?

A real classic if ever I heard one!

In one episode of Baywatch, Mitch and the gang had to work with the local police (if I was super-cool, I would have said LAPD) to halp capture a gang of baddies who were robbing banks in the area and then making the get-away in an amphibious army vehicle.

At the end of the show, after they'd (naturally) caught the robbers, the young guy who worked with Mitch was driving up and down the beach in the amphib.

He pulled up next to Mitch and started telling him what a fantastic vehicle it was and spent five minutes detailing all the mod-cons.

When he'd finished Mitch smiled and said (not directly to the camera, mind you, but you could tell he was smirking for the audience) and said "Yeah, so what?!? Does it talk?"

It is 20 March today. Someone was queuing for a bus in Vauxhall at 9 this morning with a large foam Guinness hat on. Either they'd been on the bender of a lifetime, or they are dickheads of the highest order.

That confused the shit out of me. I said it was 20 March, the comments box says it is 21 March. Stupid Australian time.

Look at the date now, Ed.

MMMwwwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa.

Australia 1 - England 0.

Bin done here before?


It's here somewhere, Mr Queue. But not with that brilliant motion thing. Top work.

The Hoff is very popular here-a-bouts. You may have noticed.

My friend Saul has this strange habit of always queing in the futhermost queue. He is known as:

"Far Queues" Saul.


I have the same nickname.

Excellent calendar, by the way, Far.

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