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Well, look at that; it's nearly noon! Time for work, then.

That's going to be linked by a few blogs.

None yet, Far Car.

C'mon big-bloggers, what are you waiting for?!? Hurry up!

My car is in the far queue.

Coincidentally, Far, there's a Melbourne suburb called Far Kew.

Now that is what I call ironic. That is probably what a lot of people call ironic.

Ironic, yes, but only if a lot of people see it. Ironically, enough.

?????You have GOT to be yanking my chain.

(Do they have a far canal in Far Kew?)

Yes. I was yanking your chain, Far. It's really just called Kew, and there's an East Kew. But everyone here refers to them as Far Kew and East Far Kew.

The Far Canal was supposed to go in Western Australia.


I thought it was West North Balwyn myself.

Some locals are always harping on about those canals.

J'A-Kews, Victo ... err ... Emile.

I'm not a big blogger but I linked to those famous last words. Too good to pass up.

Actually, James, I hadn't thought of it in that light, but there really is a healthy portion of famous last words about it.

Kurnell in Sydney used to be frequently called Far Kurnell.

In fact, I know that to be true, Harry. My dad worked on construction at the Kurnell ICI plant and ever since I remember has referred to it as Far Kurnell. Of course, I didn't get it until I was about twenty.

Good Far-Kurn role model, my dad.

Whats Latham up to now?

No idea. But he'll probably pop up as a consultant somewhere. He might write books, too.

Or sell ladders.

Bloody hell Tony, you and I have something in common then. My Dad worked for ICI as well (albeit at the Botany plant on the other side of the water)...

Double bloody hell, James!

My dad also worked on the design of the ICI plant at Botany in (I think) about 1960. The polythene plant, I believe.

I'm psychotic like John Edward.


Psychotic, indeed, Far.

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Same here.

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Hello, Jessicar. Nice of you to drop in, hope you didn't mind me changing all your details. Manners, don't you know.

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I love you, too. Smooch.

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