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Specifically: Thanks, Teejay.

Generally: Where the hell has everybody gone?

Awww. Your internet friends run away nob-head?

They're off looking for your punctuation. They may be some time.

Fsssstt. Reeeeoww.

What is it with you and Hasselhoff? You were sort of normal when you left WA.

Everyone needs a role-model. There's nothing wrong with picking one who drives a car that talks and who hangs out at the beach with skimpy clad G-lamours.

You got me there.

Did you ever see that Babewatch where Mitch's offsider was in the amphibious car?

Did I! One of THE GREAT lines in TV history.

Everyone's out at the Jazz club.

You post THAT picture and you wonder why no one will talk to you?

Mind you, the "Merry Xmas From The Hoff" picture I have is worse...

Is that a fact, Boynty? Well, I hope they all choke on their berets, then.

James, The Hoff sends you his very, VERY best.

Ladies? What about us chaps? The Hoff has a place in our hearts too, you know.

So it's a David Hasselhof hey? I thought it may have been a young Gordon Greenidge - the similarities are astounding.

By the way, did you hear about Hasso breaking out of his rehab centre, going to the nearest Motel in his rehab gown and slippers, no credit cards, cash etc but gets a room because of who he is and is found a few hours later collapsed on the bed after drinking the entire mini bar dry? What a man, what a legend!

Most remiss of me, Hung. Here you go, then.

Not sure I can see Greenidge, Pat. But the bloke's definitely a legend in his own ... something.

Well, my first thought on seeing that picco was it was a young Greg Chappell. Christ, a bloke can be way off mark. The last bloke i thought of was Hasbeenhoff, actually i usually NEVER think about him. BUT my old woman thinks he's second best to George Clooney in the looks department. More like bloody George Formby.

er yes.. *ahem*

Ahem? The Hoff will be disappointed your whelms were undered, Addy.

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