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I loved the way the tunes went together more.

I agee Tony, but this has always been the way of all my music. The great thing about the Bob is that, when you eventually get around to paying attention to what he's singing, say, after a few thousand plays, that's great too!

No, I don't think this at all justifies Matt Price's deep grovel to His Darkness. Anyone who hasn't eventually appreciated the greatness of the lyrics to at least the Bobster's simpler songs, such as Blowin', remains, and always will remain, a complete idiot!

Great call, Tony. Like you, I was 13 when I heard my first Bob Dylan songs. A 6th former at my school brought "Bob Dylan", "Freewheelin'", "The Times They Are a-Changin'" and "Another Side of Bob Dylan" to a folk-club evening after school and was brave enough to lend them to a snotty little oik who he'd surely never noticed before. I taped them on my dad's reel-to-reel, hanging the microphone next to the speaker of my Dansette record player. This would be about 1964 or maybe early 65 (before the furore over "Bringing It All Back Home" anyway). My dad moaned like hell about it because I played them over and over and over again, trying to learn the words of "Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll" amongst many others. I don't think at that time you could say that the music was the attraction, it was the words and the words only - plus the attitude! And most of the tunes he used at that time were simply old folk tunes (many of them English or Scots) or blues songs. (Dylan turned me on to blues, too. Another love I've never managed to tire of.) I reckon it was only with "Highway 61 Revisited" that he learned to write tunes as well as songs - and by Christ, he's still the best, isn't he! Favourites? Got to be "One Too Many Mornings" ... or perhaps "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" ... or maybe "Visions of Johanna" ... or could it be "Tangled Up in Blue" ... or ... Jeez there are so many! Glad to say that even my dad appreciated him in the end!

Anyone who doesn't like Dylan isn't worth knowing.

You'd better take me off your list of links then - not only do I think Bob Dylan is shit, but his lyrics are vastly over-rated, and his harmonica playing is a valuable tool in the surgical removal of earwax. And he's a Christian. Ugh.

Tangled Up In Blue is the classic for mine.

And meanwhile, Clive Waterhouse. Heh. Even just the name is funny.

Chris, knowing Matt Price, I reckon his tongue was firmly ensconsed in his cheek when he made those comments.

John, the words way back then were about ten years before I became aware of Bob and by the mid seventies, I wasn't about to connect with his protest lyrics of the early days. Mind you, that doesn't mean they weren't great lyrics, just that I wasn't about to start marching in the street.

Hung, you better not sit next to me at a dinner party.

I knew you'd like the Clive ref, Adam. It is a funny name.

If a man told me that they didn't like Bob Dylan I would do more than just "turn away and flatly refuse to talk to them again." I would strike him on the jaw and challenge him to a duel. I would put him in a headlock and punch him on the nose, then drag him outside by his feet and necklace him, Soweto-style. I would not rest until that man was dead.

I don't even like Bob Dylan. I have a problem controlling my rage.

You, Hutton, are a violent individual. I like that. Do you contract out? Is that why you're in Colombia?

There was a thing on the news the other night about a gang of contract killers in Cali who were arrested. There were dozens of them, most of them seemed to be spotty teenagers. For the price of a year's subscription to The Spectator you could get your wife or neighbour done in, and for the price of a new Toyota you could get an entire street liquidated. What value! What a fine country!

A satisfactory recommendation indeed. I wouldn't mind a few improvements around here, but I don't have a Toyota. Could you contact the people at your end and see if they'll negotiate down to an old Mazda.

Have you caught Dylan live recently? Although his voice may be descending into that invisible republic range, his band is really cooking, and the arrangements are alive.

First things first, Greg; Go Sox!

Invisible republic range? A new one one me.

I last saw Bob on October 14th 1987 at Wembley Arena/Stadium in London. I remember that, because it's two days after I first landed in the UK and one day after Britain's "Biggest Storm in 500 years".

Bob was actually pretty awful, but his backing band was mainly the Byrds and they rocked.

As far as his voice is concerned, it's sounded pretty ordinary since about Desire, but his recent work since he perfected his drawl/sneer on Time Out Of Mind has been fantastic. If a bit over-rated.

I'd love to see him in a small venue though.

Once again; Go Sox!

Didja catch the special on News Radio last week --I think it came from PBS -- on the song Like A Rolling Stone? Fantastic exlanation about how the organ riff came into play.
Also, Imre has a fine review of Chronicles in the Review section of yesterday's Oz.

Thanks for the tip, Slatts. I'll have to make sure it's not been chucked.

If the person with my Weekend Australian is reading this comment, can they please hang on to it.

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